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    Tailor make your approach to parenting from our 32 online modules.

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    Solve a problem, or get ahead. You are in control.

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    Work together with your child following our fun and interactive strategies.

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    Go at your own pace in the comfort of your home accessing modules designed to guide you throughout the mid-childhood years.

Hands On Child Development

Children don’t deal with things in the same way that adults do. So, our psychologists have adapted the approach to suit 4-8 year olds. Taking into account where they’re up to, what they can manage and helping you meet them at their level for best results. And we have made it fun too!

We never ask you to just do anything without understanding why. Everything we do is backed up by 40 years of psychology. Delivered to you in easy to digest chunks through our Psychology Fun Facts and WeParent Top Tips.

Check out what we cover in our interactive module library.

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