Absolutely. In fact, you will find that the time spent on learning new and effective approaches to parenting will end up saving you time. Rather than spending hours having the same challenges over and over, parenting will become even more rewarding as you see your child making progress. You will find that the approaches you learn can be applied in loads of other scenarios, saving you time and energy.
Mental illness is a genuine concern with alarming statistics in the media every week. Parents can take steps to help their child maintain good positive mental health from a really young age. Teaching children to manage their emotions positively and building a strong sense of self are just some of the ways you can reduce the incidence of anger issues, anxiety, stress and depression.
Online forums can be a useful source of information. But you honestly don’t know who is giving you the advice and what the long-term impact is. You can trust WeParent’s strategies, as they are backed by 40 years of clinical experience from child psychologists, led by renowned psychologist Dr Don Tustin.
Who our children are is largely determined by the age of 8. Parents can have an amazingly positive impact on this by being proactive and having a great approach to how they actively parent during the mid-childhood years. Once children have turned 8, it takes far more effort for them to unlearn old habits. So be proactive and get started now.
Many schools endorse this approach and we work alongside numerous schools. However, the most influential person in a child’s life is their parent and your child is learning their emotional and cognitive development from you every day. Many of the areas WeParent cover are best taught one to one by children’s parents. Leaving it to their school alone simply won’t work.

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