Looking After Their Things

About This Module

Many children find it overwhelming trying to care for and organise their things. Toys, school books, sports kit, the list goes on. Life can become a constant battle when it comes to your child’s stuff.

So, if you’re frustrated by the way your child looks after their things, forever searching for things they have lost or just wanting to help your child get started on organising themselves, you’re in the right place.

WeParent has designed this module to help you teach your child how to look after their things, take responsibility and get organised.

What You'll Learn

  • Start your child off on a child friendly system to organise their stuff.

  • Help your child to build pride in their possessions.

  • Learn a great way to introduce discipline to your child through toy confiscation.

Psychology Fun Facts

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  • Some children seem to care very little about possessions. Whether it’s losing things, never being able to find things or breaking things.

    Children are not naturally organised and often have no idea how to look after things. They need your help to start a system they can follow which helps them know where their things are and be able to find them when they want them.

  • Organisation is a key life skill which, as an adult, we rely on every day. The responsibility of paying bills, doing a job and running a household are all skills which are based of the simple organisational skills we learn during the mid-childhood years.

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