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    Tailor make your approach to parenting from our 32 online modules.

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    Solve a problem, or get ahead. You are in control.

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    Work together with your child following our fun and interactive strategies.

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    Go at your own pace in the comfort of your home accessing modules designed to guide you throughout the mid-childhood years.

Who We Are

Over 40 years experience in clinical psychology

Our team is lead by world renowned psychologist Dr Don Tustin. With over 40 years experience as a clinical psychologist. We are passionate about sharing our approach with parents so they can provide the very best parenting for their children.

What we offer!

Emotional well-being, resilience and a positive sense of self are just some of the vital skills our members are teaching their children. WeParent offer a range of strategies so you can pick the best approach for you and your child.

Why start now?

The mid-childhood years are a critical time for your child's emotional development. It's the perfect time to learn the coping skills they need to handle what life throws at them. Our approach makes learning fun for you and your child.

Our Library

32 modules (and counting)



In support of Anti Bullying Week we are giving away our entire PREVENTING BULLYING series throughout November. This week is teaching your child to have a Positive Sense of Self. Available until Monday 4th February.

5 Modules


Teach your child a positive approach to manage their developing emotions. The approach you take as a parent sets your child up for life.

5 Modules

Friendship & Social Skills

Help your child learn how to interact positively with family and friends. Teach social skills that will last them a lifetime.

5 Modules


Build self-sufficiency and start your child’s journey to standing on their own two feet as you teach your child how to be independent.

2 Modules

Positive Sense of Self

A strong, positive sense of self is fundamental to happiness, confidence and positive mental health throughout your child’s life. An absolute must for all parents.

4 Modules

Preventing Bullying

Bullying. The word leaves parents feeling helpless and worried. But not anymore. Now you can give your children the skills they need to prevent them being bullied.

4 Modules

Sibling Rivalry

As parents, we want our children to build a lasting bond. WeParent’s approach to sibling rivalry empowers you to build a strong relationship between your children, one step at a time.

7 Modules


“Getting a head start on my child’s development is really important to us. WeParent is the best parenting resource we've ever found. We love the step by step approach!”

Chris and Dehra

Parents of Oscar and Wilson, aged 6


“WeParent is a resource I didn't realise I needed until I started using it. It has helped me systematically review my parenting skills with my 6 year old daughter, giving me a confidence boost and substantiating the things I am doing right, and offering valuable advice and steps to take in areas where we were struggling or were worried about. I highly recommend it!”


Mum of 6 year old girl


“I wanted to say that both Zac and I have found this really helpful and are definitely going to start using some of these strategies with Joshua. In fact we might need to use some of them ourselves in order to manage to stay calm when faced with some of his meltdowns!”

Poppy and Zac

Parents of Joshua, 4 and James, 2


“WeParent is brilliant. It's amazing to see the change in my kids. We love the strategies and they really help us out. Totally recommend it!”

Julie and Ryan

Parents of Rory 6 and Paige 5


“I've found the strategies in WeParent so helpful on things that came up that I wasn't confident in tackling the right way. It's made me realise how many life skills I can actually teach my child, rather than just keeping my fingers crossed and hope things will turn out ok! I can't recommend WeParent enough.”

Jeremy and Sam

Parents of two boys aged 5 and 7

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