There’s a lot of change happening here at WeParent and the time has come to share these plans with the world, you our customers and readers. WeParent has some exciting, ambitious, never before done plans. We will be launching the WeParent App by the end of 2019!

Since our launch in February 2018, we’ve spent much of the first 6 months of WeParent speaking to our customers and finding out what’s great about WeParent and where we can improve. We want to make WeParent the best it can possibly be to help you ensure your kids grow up to have positive mental health.

1 in 4 children is now experiencing anxiety or depression by the age of 13, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response we have had since launching the site. So, we are stepping up to the plate and looking to do even more to continue to support parents and give them the tools to turn these figures on their head.

We need you to have your say!

To make the best App we possibly can we need you guys, our customers. We want you all to have your say in features, functions and to help us create an app that is perfect for you all. So if you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, The WeParent Crowd, please click here to join. It will be an informal opportunity for you to give your views to us over the coming period as we shape WeParent into the ultimate parenting app for kids mental health.

What’s really exciting about our app will be the fantastic features and much richer, more interactive experience we will give parents. So, for us here at WeParent it means we can give parents an even more tailored and personalised experience for not only you, but for each of your children.

Your child’s mental health is in your handsand we want to give you the tools you need to protect it. So, what exactly does this mean the app will do? You’ll have access to interactive tools which let you monitor your kids mental health, check in whenever you’re worried, and access strategies designed by our psychologists to get them back on track.

If your child is showing signs of depression, anxiety, stress or anger, then we give you the tools you need to help them manage their emotions positively and protect their mental health through our positive mental health online strategies.

Opening up the lines of communication!

The app is also going to really open up the lines of communication both between you all as parents and from you guys to the experts here at WeParent.

We will be adding in a brand new parent chat forum where you can speak to like-minded parents with the same issues. And, we will be introducing our Live Chat that will allow you to interact with the experts. This brand new live chat feature will also be on our website from 1st December 2018!