Parents can reduce the chances their kids suffer anxiety or depression.


One of the things I am most passionate about is to get the message out there to all parents that mental illnesses like anxiety and depression can actually be avoided if we give parents the tools and advice they need to teach their child these vital life skills. So, today I’m writing about just that. Just in the news this week came another really shocking report about children’s mental health. The number of referrals to child and mental health services in England alone has increased by 26% in the last five years, as reported by the BBC.

The conversation seems to be largely centred around what can be done to help kids once their mental health has started to suffer. And, we seriously need to up our game when it comes to helping young children and teens get the right treatment. But why, oh why is the government only talking cure, and ignoring prevention? We live in a world where we educate our kids about stranger danger to keep them safe, about the right foods to eat to be healthy and to take part in sports to keep fit. But why is it we are still doing seemingly nothing when it comes to actually teaching our kids the life skills they need to be resilient, to have a healthy, positive self-esteem and to stop them getting depression or anxiety??

Because, did you know that as a parent, you can actually do just this? You can teach your child the skills they need to have a lifetime of positive mental health, to prevent them being bullied and to learn how to manage their emotions, rather than just figure it out as they go along. As parents, we just need to know how to do it. And, we’re only talking spending 2-3 hours a week in total.

The second thing that’s so important to get out there to parents is when do you actually start thinking about helping your child’s mental health? I know for me as a parent, I’m always guessing at where my son is actually up to with his emotional development. And, what’s really surprised me since coming on board here at WeParent, is that we can start teaching our kids healthy coping strategies to deal with their emotions from as young as  four. From speaking to many other parents, this is a lot younger than we actually thought.

Now, if you’re sat reading this and your child has gone well past the age of four, do not worry! You can go back and do this stuff with older kids too. If you are worried your child is showing signs of anxiety or depression, the techniques you can teach your child at home don’t change. Much like it is when it comes to reading and writing.

Our team of psychologists have adapted their approach so parents can put the strategies in place at home. The psychology can be tweaked to be applied to your child of any age. And, my role as Head of Content and a parent myself, is to get it across in an easy to follow way.

Help us share the message on kids mental health

What we’d really love to hear about are your experiences. Are you worried about your child’s mental health? How have you found any of the WeParent modules? We need to get this conversation started with parents EVERYWHERE. Together we can make a real change and help give our kids a life of positive mental health.

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